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MTL System developed and distribute products for educational institutions and industrial research companies. We have a wide range of sensors / OEM module covering the biomedical and engineering markets.
To further assists our educational partners, we also distribute educational interactive software to enhance students learning process.


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Home Page

Software Products

Interactive Physics Software - helps students visualize and learn abstract concepts. It also lets you and your students alter the physical properties of the simulation environment, and view changes in important measurements while the simulation runs. Click for more details.

Model ChemLab - is a unique product incorporating both an interactive simulation and a lab notebook workspace with separate areas for theory, procedures and student observations. Commonly used lab equipment and procedures are used to simulate the steps involved in performing an experiment. Users step-through the actual lab procedure while interacting with animated equipment in a way that is similar to the real lab experience. Click for more details.

Hardware Products

M28 Microprocessor Board - uses PIC18F25K22 chip and the simple to learn BASIC programming language or via graphical flowcharts which allow beginner or even advance users to create advance microprocessor base applications. Click for more details.

OEM Biomedical Module - MTL System Pte Ltd offers OEM modules and sensors, which can be adjusted according to the exact individual custom specifications. The adaption of special developed OEM modules and sensors to your existing product portfolio is possible. Click for more details

Anti-Smoking Device - Creating a cigarette smoke free workplace is now easier than ever with a brand new range of cigarette smoke detectors and cigarette smoke alarms. The entire range of Cig-Arrête stand Alone battery operated products provide a voice message in alarm using innovative DVS (Digital Voice Synthesis) Technology. Click for more details.

Automatic Lightning Risk Alert Paging System (ALRAS) - Lightning Alert and Warning System for Schools, Swimming complex, golf club and country club etc.