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We offer world value service solutions through our unique IT Service Package Plans, that can help you and your organization to design, build, deliver and enhance your IT environment :

Strategic Information Systems Planning

We can help to identify our customer entire corporate information needs which support our customer business mission and strategies, making more effective and competitive. Customer will benefit from streamlined operations through business process re-determine the most appropriate OA technology for their business needs.  


Project Management and Systems Integration

Our project management services ensure that projects are developed and completed on schedule and within customer budget.  

Standards and Methodologies

MTL has developed sound standards and methodologies to build quality IT solutions  with customer directly involved in project development, to deploy and fine-tune quality standards.  

Quality Assurance

Our integrated quality management services extend from strategy formulation to  consultancy, training and communication support which we use them to develop a quality culture in customer’s enterprise.  


IT Training & Consultancy

Integrating education, technology and business, MTL helps individuals and companies to  acquire the necessary skills to be successful and competitive in the global economy.


Network Integration

 MTL consults with clients to design, build and support open multi vendor networks that  meet their specific business and technology needs.  


Desktop Services

 MTL provides a single point of contact for the technical expertise and multi vendors products needed to manage the entire life cycle of distributed desktop systems. Our  services include consulting, asset management, procurement, configuration, installation, help desk, and ongoing hardware maintenance and software support.  


Traditional Maintenance

MTL provides remote and on-site services range from system delivery and installation to hardware repair and software support. We are able to provide services up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep customer businesscritical systems and applications up and  running. Through our maintenance services, MTL is able to provide service excellence, first-time fix rate, and restore times.  


Site Preparation

With a detailed on-site survey of the customer’s environment, MTL prepares a comprehensive site preparation project in which the facilities are then configured in accordance with the installation plan.  

Structured Cabling  

MTL provides engineering, design, installation, certification and expertise. We work  closely with our customers to design and implement a structured cabling system that will  meet current and future needs of each organisation.  



MTL manages the transfer of computer related office equipment to a new location, includes co-ordination of all related service delivery activities, scheduling transportation, securing adequate insurance, ensuring that the equipment is operational prior to dismantling and that appropriate diagnosis is untaken at reinstallation.  


Configuring and Assembly  

MTL offers full configuration services for added-on equipment, peripherals, and standard and customised software, all of which is conducted in our workshop premise. This streamlines the installation process, which means that our customers will always receive ready-to-use equipment.  


Project Rollout

Through MTL and international alliance, our customers can control the implementation of IT solutions in several different countries from a single location with the same quality of service, regardless of the country of operation.  


Network Services

MTL provides support consulting and integration services for network operating systems and office automation application. We are able to provide designing services to meet our customers’ complex and changing computing environments.  


Network Installation

MTL will ensure the network installation carried out by our engineers will meet customer expectation and satisfactory within our customers’ pre-approved timetable.


Value-added Services

MTL provides service maintenance programme for our customers which covering labour and parts support on-site. We also offer value-added services to our customers to reduce the cost and increase the value of their technological investments.  


Manpower Outsourcing

Our manpower outsourcing programme is designed for our customers who need short or long term support. It can provide configuration and upgrade planning, operating system support and helpdesk functions as required by our customers’ organisational needs.


Helpdesk Service

Our Helpdesk Service provides technical support for network operating systems, application software and related hardware. We have second level support service for our customers who need on-site visits when necessary.  


Business Recovery Service

MTL has Business Recovery Services to provide contingency planning, drill programmes and contingency back-up facilities for our customers’ who require a complete business recovery service. We can help to our customer who setup individual rooms with local area network, telephone lines, fax line and OA equipment installed. In case of contingency, MTL will have a staff to standby for our customers to ensure the operations in a completely private environment, 24 hours a day.  


Asset Management Services

MTL is able to provide Asset Management services to help our customers to manage technology resources cost effectively by providing them with an accurate updated view of every component of their system.  

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