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M28 Microprocessor Board house a PICAXE 28x2 as the main chip. The programming is done via a USB cable. Using the ease to use programming editor and BASIC language, the students can easily pick up the programming skill in a very short time.

Our board has been designed with the students in mind and making learning fun and safe

Technical Specification of the microprocessor board :


Products / M28 Microprocessor Board

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 • use I.C. PIC18F25K22

 • operating with power supply 2.1 – 5.5 V

 • 8 MHz internal clock, can be set to 16MHz

 • 16 adc inputs

 • 4 PWM outputs

 • touch sensor support at all 16 adc inputs

 • DAC at adc2

 • RFIN/RFOUT command for RF communication

 •  RS Latch, RSNQ at serout pin

 • 1024 bytes of scratchpad (temporary memory)

The PICAXE Programming Editor The M28 Microprocessor Board

Mathematical Functions

I2C Communication

Using Keyboard Interface

Access to Internal Timer


Playing Music at any output pin

Playing Music and Turning Motor Simultaneously

Serial Communication (serout, serrxd)

Using Memory Stick Interface

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Following shows some of the application for the M28 Microprocessor Board in various student

projects :

Catapult Robotic Control Project

Strain and Stress Measurement Project

Breath Rate Measurement Project

Skin Temperature Measurement Project

Air Peak Flow Measurement Project

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